Mountain View Builders specializes in small scale commercial and residential projects.

Dave is always on-site using his strength and skill to construct premium living spaces, and coordinating the efforts of specialized trades. He’s used the same crew of sub-contractors for the last two decades. Rather than taking on new or inexperienced help, the MVB crew works as a dedicated team. To Mountain View Builders, each project is more than a job–it’s an expression of dedicated craftsmanship.


Dave Schnake

Dave became a builder 30 years ago, in pursuit of his inherent talent with hammer and saw. A decade of hard work later, he founded Mountain View Builders, and the completed projects have stacked up ever since. Wide-ranging experience, a connection with the Central Oregon community, and the satisfaction of working outdoors represent a few of the rewards Dave loves most. Hand-crafted, open-minded, and detail-focused, MVB serves Bend and the Central Oregon area.